STONE expertise

Benefit from our expertise in all aspects of the transport of stone!

More than 30 years of experience has made us the largest logistics expert in Northern Europe for the stone processing industry.

This enables us to respond flexibly and quickly to the needs of our customers and to offer customised transport solutions.

Our range of services:

  • Conventional shipments from Scandinavia, India, China, South Africa and Brazil
  • Handling and storage in Antwerp, Bremen and Szczecin
  • Fiscal clearance in Antwerp
  • Import and export of container shipments (blocks and finished goods) worldwide
  • Import customs clearance, T1 and phytosanitary processing
  • Truck, rail and barge transport

For us, customer satisfaction is carved in stone!

SERVICES in detail

As part of this service, we regularly offer our customers conventional shipping options for raw blocks from Sweden, Finland or Norway. In Bremen, the blocks are distributed and reloaded for onward transport within Germany, although our recipients also include customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and France. We also export to Japan and China on behalf of our customers.

We regularly use charter ships to transport stone blocks from the above countries of origin to Antwerp. There, the blocks are distributed and/or sorted in our warehouse at Quay 232, which we reserve for our importers.

The blocks are then reloaded for onward transport by truck, rail or barge to their final destinations in Europe.

For our customers in Poland, we offer the use of charter ships to Szczecin. Here, too, we distribute the cargo in our warehouse and reload it for onward transport by truck from Szczecin to destinations within Poland.

Retrieval of information and schedule tracking through our network in the respective countries of origin, e.g. India, China, Brazil or South Africa. Complete transport solutions from the factory or port of shipment to the arrival of the containers with the recipient, including the necessary customs clearance in compliance with the respective import regulations (e.g. plant protection, packaging wood regulations).

A special customs procedure is used there: After the customer has signed the so-called “customs power of attorney”, the Belgian or Dutch customs authorities report the import VAT due directly to the customer's competent tax office. This means that the customs clearance does not require the customer to pay their customs duties straight away.

In particular, transport from the seaports of Antwerp and Bremen using a suitable vehicle fleet and observing the legal provisions on load safety (e.g. anti-slip mats, lashing straps). We also transport materials from Europe, e.g. from Portugal, Austria or Italy, to Germany.

The blocks are reloaded in northern German ports as well as in Antwerp and transported onwards to various recipients nationally and internationally. We offer both wagonload and trainload services.

Large cargoes of stone blocks are reloaded, especially at Westhafen, and transported onwards to destinations in Europe.


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